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Rebecca Jarvis and Tim Young on marine science research

Our oceans are important for our health, wealth, social life and sense of identity in Aotearoa New Zealand. They are also under serious threat from a range of factors including pollution, overfishing and ocean warming. AUT researchers Rebecca Jarvis and Tim Youngbelieve there’s a lack of direction in our policy and research approaches to safeguarding our marine environment. They have recently conducted a ‘horizon scan’: a survey of Aotearoa’s marine science community, to identify key areas where more research is needed. They talk with The Policy Observatory’s Keri Mills about the results.

Dr Rebecca Jarvis is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with over ten years experience working in academia and conservation NGOs in Madagascar, Europe, Oceania, and Antarctica. Rebecca was awarded her PhD at Auckland University of Technology in 2016, where she developed a social research agenda for a social-ecological approach to more effective and inclusive conservation. Rebecca is particularly interested in achieving social and ecological outcomes in complex conservation systems and bridging the gaps between knowledge, policy, and action.

Dr Tim Young works across broad disciplines in aquatic biology, marine ecology, aquaculture and fisheries, biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology, and ecotoxicology. His particular research foci include characterisation of molecular mechanisms involved during embryonic and larval development of marine invertebrates, and in response to environmental influences. Other research interests include characterising mechanisms of disease and resistance in marine organisms, development of new tools for assessing fish/shellfish health, and protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of marine ecosystems.

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Rebecca Jarvis and Tim Young on marine science research
Rebecca Jarvis and Tim Young