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Inclusive workspaces: Diversity and public policy

BY Edwina Pio and Mervin Singham

Workplace inequality remains a challenge for diversity and inclusion. So what role can public policy and the state sector play to promote and encourage positive change?

This report, Inclusive Workspaces: Diversity and Public Policy, explores what governments can do to improve diversity outcomes in Aotearoa New Zealand. Professor Edwina Pio, AUT’s University Director of Diversity, and Mervin Singham, presently the Executive Director of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in Care, explore the New Zealand context and international examples for public sector leadership in diversity and inclusion.

While diversity and inclusion policy in New Zealand already supports a range of ‘soft practices, the authors argue that there is scope for more robust tactics to address continuing workplace inequalities and to enhance ‘cultural intelligence’ in our highly globalised era.

Inclusive workspaces: Diversity and public policy