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Report launch: The relationship between platforms and news companies
Join us for the launch of Merja Myllylahti’s new report: Google, Facebook and New Zealand news media: The problem of platform dependencyIn the wake of claims about the power of digital platforms such as Google and Facebook, and their impact on traditional (or legacy) media, AUT researcher Merja Myllylahti has looked into the relationship between read more
Briefing Paper on Moriori history has wide pick-up
Keri Mills’ Briefing Paper, The Moriori myth and why it’s still with us, was picked up by The Spinoff and Newshub, and has been widely shared on social media. Keri’s piece was written in response to the use of the Moriori story to justify colonisation: if Māori wiped out a pre-existing civilisation, then how can read more