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The Briefing Papers is a Policy Observatory project which provides backgrounders and opinion pieces on critical issues facing New Zealand society – written by experts to inform public debate.

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Ann Pettifor’s 2018 visit to New Zealand
Join Ann Pettifor, UK economist, for a seminar on the role of money and debt in housing (un)affordability. Auckland's property market is financialised, and is a globalised market. As such, is its management beyond the reach of national or local politicians and policy-makers? This lecture is open to the public. For more information about Ann read more
Climate finance: The answer to a low-emissions future for New Zealand
Overlooked until now, climate finance may be the answer to a low-emissions future for New Zealand.That's the message from The Policy Observatory's Dr David Hall and Sam Lindsay of economic research collective Mōhio, who prepared the report for the Ministry of Environment. Investigating opportunities for New Zealand in climate finance, they outline ten recommendations.The report, read more