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The Briefing Papers is a Policy Observatory project which provides backgrounders and opinion pieces on critical issues facing New Zealand society – written by experts to inform public debate.

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Election 2017: Government formation in New Zealand
What are the rules around forming governments under MMP and why doesn’t New Zealand have coalition arrangements across the political divide?These questions and more are considered in the latest Briefing Papers: How MMP Works, on the lack of rules around government formation in New Zealand, and Grand Coalitions, an explanation of coalition deal-making in Finland, read more
Seeds or Bubbles? Investing in the Future of Aotearoa New Zealand.
Money is moving in, out and around New Zealand, largely directed by people’s spending and investment choices. But how do investment decisions shape the world we live in? And how can we ensure that our investments sow the seeds of future prosperity, rather than blow financial bubbles in markets like housing?The second conversation for The read more