The Policy Fix

The Policy Fix is a series of to-the-point interviews with some of Aotearoa’s top thinkers on the issues we face as a country and how we can solve them.

Each episode is 15-20 minutes long, and focuses on a particular policy problem, why it matters, and what we can do to fix things.

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Rebecca Jarvis and Tim Young
14 Nov 2019
marine science, climate change, research-policy gap
Our oceans are important for our health, wealth, social life and sense of identity in Aotearoa New Zealand. They are also under serious threat from a range of factors including pollution, overfishing and ocean warming. AUT researchers Rebecca Jarvis and Tim Youngbelieve there’s a lack of direction in our policy...
Maria Bargh and David Hall
04 Nov 2019
climate change, climate emergency, low-emissions transition
The climate is changing, whether we like it or not. Our remaining choices are around how much we can limit this change, and what we can do to adapt. A new book A Careful Revolution: Towards a Low-Emissions Future, edited by David Hall and published by Bridget Williams Books, tackles...
Elizabeth Eppel
20 Jun 2019
water, governance
Everyone has an interest in our fresh water. Those interests often conflict with each other, making water governance a difficult area. Elizabeth Eppel talks with Keri Mills about the challenges of water governance and one of Aotearoa’s innovative attempts at collaborative decision-making in this area: the Land and Water Forum.Dr...
Kathy Errington
20 May 2019
green hydrogen, energy policy
Green hydrogen is hydrogen generated from renewable electricity. It can be stored and shipped, and could be an export industry for Aotearoa New Zealand as well as a way to decarbonise local fossil fuel uses that are particularly difficult to eliminate. Kathy Errington speaks with the Policy Observatory’s Keri Mills...
Mike Joy
08 Apr 2019
water policy, freshwater crisis
Aotearoa New Zealand has pristine mountain rivers and lakes, but downstream in the lowlands our rivers are some of the most polluted in the world. Nutrients, sediment and human pathogens are pouring from farms into waterways, causing damage to ecosystems and threatening human health. Mike Joy speaks with the Policy...
Shiloh Groot
28 Jan 2019
inequality, Māori, homelessness
In recent years fierce debates surrounding a housing crisis has brought attention to the oft ignored societal issue of homelessness in Aotearoa New Zealand. However, homelessness is a complex issue that is about much more than just having access to four walls and a roof. Dr Shiloh Groot, Senior Lecturer...
Tracey McIntosh
14 Jan 2019
inequality, Māori, criminal justice
Aotearoa New Zealand has one of the world’s highest incarceration rates. Māori are more likely to get arrested than Pākehā, once arrested more likely to get prosecuted, once prosecuted more likely to get locked up. The majority of our people in prison are poor, and a sharply increasing number of...
Peter Skilling
14 Dec 2018
inequality, public opinion
What do New Zealanders think about inequality? That’s the question driving the recent Marsden-funded research of AUT’s Dr Peter Skilling. This project looked at what levels of income inequality New Zealanders think is reasonable, and investigated the dynamics of conversations about inequality. He talks with The Policy Observatory’s Keri Mills...
Max Rashbrooke
01 Dec 2018
inequality, social income, welfare, tax
What are the problems caused by economic inequality in Aotearoa, and what can we do about them? Max Rashbrooke has written and edited books on wealth, inequality and the role of government, and he talks to The Policy Observatory’s Keri Mills about the state of inequality in Aotearoa today, and...